Postgraduate Deanery


What is meant by PGD?

Postgraduate deanery is the administrative, academic and financial body of all trainees in an MTI. It is also the governing body of post-graduation in the affiliated undergraduate institute which offers postgraduate courses in various undergraduate disciplines.

Who is Associate Dean and what is his job?

Associate dean is the academic and administrative head of the postgraduate deanery. He is responsible for the training and teaching of postgraduate students in basic and clinical medical sciences. He also controls the finances of these trainees. He also heads the specialist training committee which is the representative body of postgraduate deanery in an institute.

What is the constitution of PGD?

PGD consists of an STC( specialist training committee) which is made up of training program directors in each specialty.

What is the role of PGMI?

PGMI according to the latest rules is s governing body for provision postgraduate training and teaching and coordinating with CPSP and PM&DC.

What is meant by central induction?

Central induction is a process of induction of trainees by executive council of PGMI constituting of associate deans and where MTI is not present, a representative as director academics. This induction will be according to merit and according to CPSP rules currently twice a year.

What is Executive Council of PGMI?

Executive Council is the decision making body of all the affairs of PGMI. It is made up of all the associate deans of MTI’s or where MTI is not present, of the director academics which is equivalent to associate dean.

What is the difference between the Executive Council of PGMI and Specialist Training Committee of PGD?

Both are quite different. Executive council of PGMI has various roles like:

    1. Central induction in PGMI
    2. Decision making body for postgraduate teaching and training.
    3. Facilitators of the use of skill lab at PGMI.

Specialist training committee is a committee indigenous and peculiar for an MTI. It would be the decision making body of teaching and training. It would also be the administrative and academic body of that specialty. It would constitute if a single trainee program director of each specialty and would be responsible for all postgraduate activities of that department as well as the related subspecialty of that department.