Postgraduate Deanery

Specialist Training Committee

STC i.e. Specialist Training Committee comprises of all the training program directors and headed by Associate Dean MTI HMC/ KGMC is the body who manages the administrative, academic and financial matters of TMOs. They are responsible for the smooth running of the affairs of the deanery. They are responsible for the upbringing of their department by ensuring quality training, expanding the supervisor pool, conducting mock examinations and keeping a check on all affairs of the deanery including conducting examinations and liaise with CPSP for training and teaching besides examinations.

  • Prof Dr Sheraz Jamal Khan Associate Dean Post Graduate HMC/KGMC
  • Prof Dr Istiraj Shahabi TPD ENT HMC
  • Prof Dr Wajid Akhunzada TPD Psychiatry HMC
  • Prof Dr Iqbal Begum TPD Gynecology HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Tehmeed Ullah TPD Plastic Surgery HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Rahim Bangash TPD Dermatology HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Shahid Ayub TPD Neurosurgery HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Younas Paracha TPD Pediatrics HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Sanaullah Jan TPD Ophthalmology HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Israr TPD Orthopedics HMC
  • Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Mushtaq TPD Dentistry HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Mehmood Ul Hasan TPD Cardiology HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Siddiqe Ahmed TPD Surgery HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Sadaf TPD Oncology HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Muhamad Tariq Mehr TPD Medicine HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Sher Rehman TPD Gastroenterology HMC
  • Asstt Prof Dr Muhammad Hussain Afridi TPD Endocrinology HMC