Research Publications of Basic Sciences

  1. 401.   Shabnam Habib Khan, Gul Muhammad, Zubia Shah, Afsheen Mehmood, Bahre Karam. Levels of ALT and platelet count in working and non-working primigravida women.KJMS. 2018;11(3):483-6.
  2. 402.   Gul Muhammad, Shabnam Habib Khan, Zubia Shah, Afsheen Mehmood,Bahre Karam: Analysis of hypertension and anaemia among working Primigravida group of women as compare to non-working primigravida women.KJMS. 2018;11(3):479-482.
  3. 403.   Gul Muhammad, Shabnam Habib Khan, Bahre Karam: Impact of iron profile to diagnose irondeficiency anemia in patients with and without end stage renal disease. KJMS.2017;3:340-2. Sep to Dec; 10(3):2017

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