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The goal of the clinical skills lab is to provide a safe learning experience that promotes successful understanding in all aspects of health care.

The CSL faculty and administration are here to make the student’s clinical experience educational and enlightening and to serve in the best interest of the student.  Simulations and case scenarios are designed to help the student develop problem-solving and decision- making skills.  The CSL will attempt to include all environmental factors to make the students’ learning experience realistic and authentic.  For enhanced learning, all students are expected to come to the lab prepared.  The faculty will provide students with positive feedback and debriefing of their performance, while students will self-analyze their performance and use critical thinking during the reflection process.

The following guidelines maintain safety while using the CSL.  It is expected that all involved in classrooms, clinical skills and simulation activities will adhere to these guidelines.  The Simulation Coordinator will update the contents of this manual as needed. All students, staff and faculty will be advised of these revisions.

General Information

The CSL is located in the college building.  The CSL simulates a hospital setting that is fully equipped to practice all clinical skills.  The center has three high fidelity Mannequins; besides that we have a range of different simulators. The list is attached.

The CSL schedule will be posted by the faculty.  You can view the centers schedule on the KGMC website.  Students needing extra practice in the Sim Lab, may sign up for “open lab” dates and times recommended by the instructor.   Any student wishing to makeup days in the CSL Center must notify their instructor first, who will then contact the lab coordinator.  The Sim Center is not intended to be used as a replacement for any clinical rotation.

List of Mannequins in Clinical Skills Lab

 S.No Name of Mannequin
01 Adult BLS Manikin
02 Child BLS Mannequin
03 Infant BLS Manikin
04 Full Body PALs Mannequin
05 Automated External Defibrillator Trainer AED
06 NRP Mannequin (USA)
07 Blood Pressure Reading System (USA)
Mannequins for Systemic examination
08 Cardiac Pulmonary Simulator
09 Adult Abdominal Examination Trainer
10 Adult ACLS Manikin (Mega code Kelly )
11 Eye Examination Simulator
12 EAR Examination simulator
13 Breast Examination Simulator
Mannequins for Procedural skills
14 Intramuscular injection simulator
15 I/V canulation simulator
16 Central venous canulation
17 NG intubation & tracheostomy skills trainer
18 Epidural & spinal injection trainer
19 Tracheostomy care simulator
20 Airway management trainer (Adult)
21 Airway management trainer (Infant)
22 Male & female catheterization Model
Mannequin for Procedural skills (Surgical)
23 Bandaging simulator
24 Suturing & stapling practice
25 Suture practice arm
26 Casualty simulation kit
27 Prostate/rectal examination
28 Breast examination simulator
Mannequins for Gynecological
29 Full body Gynecology mannequin
30 Basic birthing simulator

Following are the Staff members of Clinical Skills Lab

Dr. Afsheen Mahmood - Assistant Professor & Director Clinical Skills Lab

Dept: Clinical Skills Lab
BPS: 18
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Dr. Ehsan Ullah - Demonstrator & Assistant Director Clinical Skills Lab

Dept: Clinical Skills Lab
BPS: 17
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Sibghat Ullah - Computer Operator

Dept: Clinical Skills Lab
BPS: 16
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Zia Ullah - Projectionist & Supervisor Clinical Skills Lab

Dept: Clinical Skills Lab
BPS: 4
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Muhammad Arif - Technician Clinical Skills Lab

Dept: Clinical Skills Lab
BPS: 3
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