Our mission is to provide outstanding, safe &  state of the art healthcare that is equitable .  We are committed to optimizing perioperative outcomes in the operating room, preoperative evaluation, and pain clinic.


Our vision is to be the leading academic anesthesia department nationwide, using innovation and leadership in clinical care, research, and education to improve care and train the next generation of leaders in perioperative care


Introduction about Department

The department of anesthesia which was established in 1996 is very well known in Peshawar, KPK  and in Pakistan for its high standards in patient care, education and research. All clinical departments are anchored to our specialty. Keeping pace with the development of medical sciences, anaesthesia services are being provided for a wide variety of surgical cases. These include general surgery, obstetrics & gynecology including family planning cases, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics  spine, oral  and fascio-maxilllary surgery. Burns & Trauma and Kidney Diseases Services are also being provided for pediatric  surgery and pediatric orthopedic cases at HMC,.

Anesthesia services are being provided by 22 operation Tables for Elective Procedures during day time from 8:0 Am to 4:0 Pm 05 days a week. There are 06 tables operational for Emergency Anesthesia Services 24/7. The department also runs Pain Clinic providing variety of palliative & therapeutic Blocks as outpatient procedures. The major research work and thrust areas include  obstetric  Anaesthesia , post op pain management, chronic pain management  . The department follows an integrated approach and standard  protocols for  patient care, education and research. There are several publications by faculty  members in national journals.

A total of 04 Specialist Anesthetist & 32 Assistant Anesthetist are currently working in the Department. Anesthesia team also include 45 Anesthesia Technicians.

Postgraduate course (FCPS, MCPS, DA in  anaesthesia) is being conducted in the department. A total of 14  residents are presently pursuing their FCPS, 04 in MCPS 07in  DA at the department. All post graduates are regularly rotated in all areas.

The department has fixed guidelines for anesthetic procedures to be undertaken and the curriculum planning for the junior residents. Teaching activities take place regularly in the department. These are 3 days a week, which includes seminars, journal clubs, case discussion, tutorials etc. This is in addition to daily teaching activity based on the cases conducted in the operation theatres .


Following is the list of Faculty


Prof. Fiyyaz Akhtar Qureshi - Professor and Chairman Department of Anesthesia

Dept: Anesthesia
BPS: 20
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Dr. Rafi Ur Rehman - Associate Professor

Dept: Anesthesia
BPS: 19
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Dr. Salma Jan - Assistant Professor Anesthesia

Dept: Anesthesia
BPS: 18
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