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Social Welfare Society Introduction: Social Welfare Society is a non-political organization run by the students of Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar. The main objective of SWS of KGMC is to give financial support to the poor patient, arranging free medical camps in the remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province including FATA and also to promote public awareness about serious social problems like smoking, AIDS, Drugs and Narcotics. Social Welfare Society works on Self Help Basis. The Society is run on donations from its well wishers and collection by the efforts of its workers. Executive Council of Social Welfare Society of KGMC Peshawar

1. Prof. Dr. Gohar Rahman           Chairman Social Welfare Society

2. Dr. Tariq Farooq Babar               Member

3. Dr. Shamshad Bibi

4. Dr. NageenYousaf         
5. Dr.Gharib Nawaz               
6. Dr. Bushra Rauf                       
7. Dr. Rubina Akmal Khan         
8. Dr. Nabila Sher                        
9. Dr. Zille Huma                         
10. Dr. Faiqa Ilahi                        
11. Dr. Ihsanullah                       
12. Dr. Shahab-ud-Din               
13. Dr. Abida Yasmin                 

Cabinet of Social Welfare Society
President:                                 Huma Khan     (Final Year MBBS)
Vice President:                        Sonia Shoib     (4Th Year MBBS)
General Secretary:                  Khadeeja Chandley (3rd Year)
Deputy Secretary :                   Zainab Umer   (4Th Year)
Finance Secretary:                  Zarmin Afridi     (2nd Year)
Information Secretary:            Sidra Irfan        (Ist Year)

EVENTS A Meeting of SWS was held on 13th May 2009, the objective was to Raise funds for homeless people that migrated to Peshawar, to aware the society about the miserable conditions they are living in and to visit the IDP Camps & to distribute the donations.
SWS members are proud to say that the above three objectives were fulfilled very effectively.

SWS cabinet of executive members visited Jalala Camp (Internally Displaced People of Swat Dir and Buner) on Saturday May 16, 2009 and distributed the donations amounting to more than      Rs. 20000/- that were collected  including used cloths, shoes, food items, medications and household equipments. SWS Members who visited the place, were divided into four groups, two students each groups supervised by two teachers.
Group 1. Fulfilled the duties of running OPD and Distributed Medications.
Group 2. Dealt with food items.
Group 3. Dealt with clothing,shoes etc.
Group 4. Dealt with household equipments.

    EVENTS 2010  

The Social Welfare Society of KGMC in collaboration with Sarhad Rural Support Programme conducted a Medical Camp, for the flood affectees in the Tarnab Farms, Destrict Peshawar on 8th August 2010 and treated 451 patients and free medicines were provided to them.The camp was attended by Qualified Doctors of Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar.

A second camp was arranged on 11th August 2010 in collaboration with RID (Rural Initiative Development) and 575 patients were treated and medicines were provided to them. Mineral water was also provided to the flood affectees.

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