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 The center of Medical Education is also active to support the provision of better learning opportunities and resources to the students of Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar. The center for Medical Education has taken a timely step to establish a computer based self-learning resource center. It is almost ready with facility of 30 computers having proper networking and Internet facility. This center provides opportunities to the students and faculty of KGMC Peshawar to be at par with the modern world. The students would be able to view three dimensional presentation of the subject matter. SLRC was inaugurated by the then Provincial Minister for Health in 28th September 2005.

Networking and Internet in SLRC as well as in all other Sections of the college is managed and controlled by Programmer Khyber Girls Medical College along with other activities such as timely updation of College's official website, Hardware and Software troubleshooting/advicing, guidance of students in preparing projects and presentations and computerization of students data

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