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Research Plan

PMC  Core Competencies addressed  : Knowledgeable ,Skilful, Critical thinker ,Scholar/researcher ,Professional (life-long learner and self-directed, ethical ,collaborator, communicator )

Aligned with KMU Vision and Mission  : Commitment to excellence in medical education and research

Aligned with KGMC Vision and Mission : To promote competent health care leaders

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Year 5

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

Intended Learning outcomes


Intended learning outcomes


Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

Intended Learning outcomes


1.To  generate knowledge and develop clear concepts on research terminology ,classification and process of research

1.To  generate knowledge on the various classifications of research

1.To generate  skills needed to search for academic information /data using different search engines and databases

1.To develop and promote teamwork

1.To develop technical skills and communicate academic scholarly research through the poster, publication, and presentation at national and international conferences.


2.To critique the work of other students by observing and participating as a faculty judge  

2. To generate knowledge and  search for academic information

2.To generate knowledge on  the various study design in quantitative and qualitative study designs

2.To evaluate and critique   the credibility of selected  sources  and information .


3.To  develop academic reading and writing skills .

2 To develop research project  and apply skills of planning research ,managing references ,ensuring academic integrity


3 .To  develop skills to select appropriate  methodology


4.To develop skills to select appropriate tools of inquiry for the independent scholarly project  


5.To develop skills to analyse data and draw logical inferences and generate an appropriate discussion



3.To generate knowledge and skills to differentiate between academic information and  popular information

3.To generate knowledge on the different methodologies

4 . To promote logical reasoning and critical thinking  to independently think about an area of interest and in collaboration with supervisor  and  develop research questions


4 .To develop techniques to select and refine research questions

3.To organize and manage  academic information  to and develop an evidence table

6.To develop skills in technical medical writing ,oral presentation ,and poster presentation .


7.To communicate and disseminate academic information through research project ,poster or presentation .



4 To generate knowledge on academic integrity

5. To  apply knowledge and develop skills to organize and manage references




5 To generate knowledge on witing a proposal

6.To  generate knowledge and skills to ensure  academic integrity




6 To generate knowledge and skills to organize and manage research (develop a research plan )

7. To generate knowledge on tools applied to academic reading and writing e.g Grammarly



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