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Security drill training material for students of KGMC

Due to prevailing security situation in KPK and country across, following links are enlisted for students of Khyber Girl’s medical College for orientation and education purposes regarding their personal safety.

There are four main areas which are usually focused while security drills. They are;

  1. Active shooter security drills

Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video


Run, Hide, Fight. Learn How to Survive A Mass Shooting

  1. Evacuation (non-fire)

Emergency Evacuation: What Every Employee Should Know DVD

  1. Bomb blast drills

Emergency Bomb Drill in Buchanan New York


  1. Lock down drills

School Safety Video for School Lockdown Emergencies

  1. Personal Safety& Defense

How to Defend against a Gun to the Face | KravMaga Defense

How to Defend against Gun from the Rear | KravMaga Defense

How to Defend against a Straight Stab | KravMaga Defense

How to Defend against a Front Choke | KravMaga Defense

The main point is not to PANIC. Be alert and ready. RUN if possible.HIDE the second option and FIGHT if no other option is there.

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