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Examination Rules


A student shall be eligible to appear in a professional examination if he / she fulfils the following conditions:

  a. Has passed all the subjects of the previous examination.
  b. Has undergone the specified period of theoretical and practical courses and clinical training
including demonstrations for the said examination to the satisfaction of the Department concerned,

No student is eligible for university examination without having attended at least 75% of lecturers, demonstrations, tutorials and practical/clinical work in both in-patients and out-patients in that academic session.

  d. Has his / her name submitted to the Controller of Examination of KMU by the Principal on clearance by the Head of Department / teacher concerned,
  e. Has paid the requisite fees for the examination to the KMU and has cleared all the college / hostel dues,

Any student who fails to clear the 1st Professional MBBS Part-1 examination in FOUR chances availed or un-availed after becoming eligible for the examination, shall cease to become eligible for further medical education in Pakistan.


Any student who fails to clear the 1st Professional MBBS Part-11 examination in FOUR chances availed or un-availed after becoming eligible for the examination, shall cease to become eligible for further medical education in Pakistan,


The Principal will not forward the examination form of any student unless he /she produces clearance certificate from the college cashier, hostel warden and the college librarian,


A student who fails in part of the examination and does not avail two consecutive chances will have to clear all the subjects in the subsequent chances. However there is no bar on the number of chances in second, third and final professional examinations.


A student who in any year, fails to pass a subject/subjects in annual as well as in supplementary examinations, shall not be eligible for admission in next higher class, until he passes the failed subject as per procedure. The same shall neither be allowed to attend the next higher year classes, nor his attendance will be marked in any way. Any attendance of such student marked in subsequent class, without promotion would be of no legal effect.

2.   Each theory and Practical / Oral examination shall be of at least three hours duration.

The minimum passing marks in each subject shall be 50% both in theory and practical. A student who fails in theory or practical examination of a subject shall be considered to have failed in the subject and will have to reappear both in theory and practical.


Any student who fails both in annual and supplementary examinations in any subject including part-I and part-II of 1st Professional examination shall not be promoted to the next higher class. He / she shall undergo the course of studies in the subject(s) in which he / she failed. There will be no provisional promotion in such cases.


A student who fails in any subject shall be required to attend the lectures and practical courses regularly with the subsequent class and complete at least 75% attendance..


A student who re-appears in any professional examination shall pay requisite fee for the examination to the KMU.


A student who is eligible to appear in the examination but did not take examination for whatever reason, shall be considered to have failed.


Only two examinations, one Annual and one Supplementary, are allowed in any one acadamic year. No third or extra supplementary/annual examination is permitted.


Under no circumstances, a candidate is allowed to appear in two professional examinations in one academic year.


A student who has passed his / her MBBS examination shall be entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the Khyber Medical University provided that he / she has conformed to the requirements of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council in vogue which may be changed form time to time.


Preparatory holidays shall be one month for 1st Professional Part-I, Part-11, 2nd and 3rd Professional examinations and not more than two months in Final Professional MBBS examination. The gap between two consecutive papers should not be more than two days.


A student who discontinued his / her studies for a period of 5 years or more will not be allowed readmission. If he wants readmission before that period he will be allowed to continue his studies from the class he left. However the validity of an examination will be 3 years. After 3 years the student has to retake the last professional examination.