Literary Week KGMC 2018-ENGLISH DAY

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Literary Week KGMC 2018 (ENGLISH DAY)

For the first time ever, Disney was recreated in Peshawar on 10th Jan. Students of KGMC held an English day, the theme being “Disney – with a feminist twist”. The hall was glowed with light and rumbled with music. Taking each person back to their childhood in a trance. Audience  cheered and hooted as the doors opened to allow the English society to perform their opening ceremony. It started off all merry, the princess helping their princesses out of the carriage but ended with their evil fairy queen – maleficent – causing them for life – never to be with their princes.
The entrance’s cause was linked to the play that followed. One does Cinderella, Mulen,   Ariel and Snow White took us down to the memory lone in the most hilarious way possible, but when each one’s time comes they lost their princes to the curse. Not the curse of maleficent but the society’s curse. The plays moral revolved around breaking stereotypes, mocking the monotony and mentality of our society and bringing awareness to the feminism much needed in our country.
The main objective of arranging this day was to pique interest in the English language and to show the people that women are more than house wives, they have purpose in life, they can do more than just look pretty and spend their lives obeying a man. It also touched the topic of color discrimination – breaking the common belief that fairness is equal to beauty.
The play was divided into the parts, each having different moral, subtly encouraging women to reach their potential and be who they can be not what society dreams them to be.
The students after amazing the audience with their acting then proceeded to impress them by their eloquently delivered speeches. One motivated them to get through tough times and the other lightened the mood by presenting Desi myths in a comical way. But the icing of the cake – cherry on top – the highlight of the day was the shadow play performed by the 4th year students. It took the audience on a walk down the memory lone as sleeping beauty was presented on a huge white screen while the performance created an illusion in front of a spot light. The play mesmerized the people to the point where it got a standing ovation.
English society continued to entertain people with games and Disney quizzes and competitions (sketching, story writing and poetry). We received beautifully praised poetry, amazingly written stories and artistically drawn sketches. The students as well as the teachers participated in the games. At the end of the play prizes were distributed.
All in all the function achieved its goal which was to bring smiles on people’s faces and spread joy in the heart of very overworked medical students of KGMC.

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