Literary Society KGMC Consecutive Council

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Literary Society KGMC Consecutive Council

In order to enhance Literary interest of the students, the college established a Literary Society in March 2008 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Abdul Jalil Populzai and Mubashara Ahmad was selected as the first Literary Secretary, The Principal of the college being the Patron of society.

The Society has six sections namely English, Urdu, Pashto, Hindko, Medical and Activity Section including photograhpy.

Consecutive Council

Prof. Dr. Ghareeb Nawaz, Chairman of the Literary Society

Haseena Naz, Literary Secretary

English Society:

Dr. Sofia Iqbal, English Staff Editor

Zala Khan, 4th Professional MBBS, English Chief Editor

Tamanna Nazeer, 4th Professional MBBS, English Senior Editor

Urdu Society:

Dr. Khalid Javed, Urdu Staff Editor

Unsia Fatima, 4th Professional MBBS, Urdu Chief Editor

Sundas Khan, 4th Professional MBBS, Urdu Senior Editor

Pashto Society:

Dr. Muhammad Usman Khattak, Pashto Staff Editor

Dr. Zahidullah Khan, Pashto Co Staff Editor

Rafia Mukhtiar, 4th Professional MBBS, Pashto Chief Editor

Sana Shaukat, 4th Professional MBBS, Pashto Senior Editor

Hindko Society:

Dr. Muneer Hussain, Hindko Staff Editor

Khadija Mustafa, 3rd Professional MBBS, Hindko Chief Editor

Maimoona Naeem, 2nd Professional MBBS, Hindko Senior Editor

Medical Society:

Dr. Said Amin, Medical Section Staff Editor

Zainab Habib, 4th Professional MBBS, Medical Section Chief Editor

Javeria, 4th Professional MBBS, Medical Section Senior Editor

Activities Society:

Dr. Tauseef Aman, Activities Section Staff Editor

Nida Hussain, 4th Professional MBBS, Activities Section Chief Editor

Nida Khan, 4th Professional MBBS, Activities Section Senior Editor

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