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Rules & Regulations for Students at College

Prospectus for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical/Dental Colleges 2010-11.

Page. 52-55

2.            Every student shall be required to attend at least 75% of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical and clinical classes of each subject in each class failing which his/her name shall not be forwarded to the Controller of    Examinations, of the University for the purpose of appearing in the concerned examination. It applies also to students who are re-admitted after failing in Annual and Supplementary examinations.

5.            The margin of 25% of absence in theoretical, lectures, practical classes and demonstrations and in hospital practice is intended to cover absence only account of sickness or special emergency considered justifiable  by the Principal. A written application should be sent to the Principal by the student or his/her parent or guardian, reporting his/her illness or cause of absence.

31.          Students absenting themselves from college or hospital work shall be liable to a fine imposed by the Principal

38.          For leave or absence the student must apply in writing, stating the reason for his/her request. Requests are submitted to the Principal.

47.          Absentees would be sent to the Principal who may impose fine and take appropriate action.

48.          Late Comers may be marked absent.