Scholarships and Awards for MBBS Students

i. MERIT, PATA and FATA SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS of this Institution are also allowed to avail the opportunity of any other scholarship from non-government source if they deserve. However no student is allowed to take privilege of more than one scholarship at a time from the Government.
ii. Students who are getting scholarship will not be entitled to receive the scholarship if he/ she continuously remains absentfrom the college without first obtaining leave of absence from the Principal or fails in the professional exams.
iii. In case of breach of any discipline, the scholarship will be withheld.

i. One Gold medal is awarded to the Best Graduate of the Year. Best graduate of the year is one who stands first in the aggregate of all the professional MBBS examinations marks, in her first attempt.
ii. One Gold Medal is awarded for standing first in each professional MBBS examination in first attempt.
iii. One Gold Medal is awarded for standing first in each subject in all Professional Examinations in 1st attempt.
iv. One Gold Medal is awarded by the University for best graduate of all Medical Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

A student obtaining 80% or more marks in any subject will be awarded degree with honors in that subject.