Surgical ICU / Pulmonology

The intensive care unit (Surgical-ICU) at MTI- HMC provides care, monitoring, and therapeutic interventions to patients with life-threatening conditions or injuries and complex multi-organ dysfunction to almost all ages including children to adults and beyond the intensive care unit (ICU) setting such as management of patients admitted with COVID19 infection in other specialty units of the hospital. It provides resuscitation care to all in and out ICU patients. It also Provide training to doctors and nurses either through workshops or rotations in ICU.
The intensive care unit at MTI- HMC is a 8 bedded facility for patients referred from all medical, surgical specialties and from ER that need immediate care and interventions of critical care. The unit is equipped with 8 ventilators and isolation rooms for patients diagnosed with COVID19 that need ventilator support. Apart from these it also provides dialysis and plasmapheresis facilities to critically ill patients.
The services provided at ICU MTI- HMC runs around the clock 24/7.


Workshops organised (2018 to 2021): Title with dates Courses / Seminars/ Orientations/ Trainings held (2018 to 2021): Title with dates CPC Presentations (2018 to 2021): Title with dates
“2 days hands on workshop on managing critically ill COVID-19 patients”
21st to 22nd December 2020
One week course on “BASIC ASSESSMENT AND SUPPORT IN INTENSIVE CARE” organized by Health Services Academy, Islamabad in collaboration with The Chinese University Of Hong Kong (September 2020) Oxygen therapy
August 2018
International respiratory forum “ blowing away respiratory care challenges”
21st to 24th February 2020
2 days’ workshop of “ Hands-on COVID-19 Workshops for Healthcare Staff in Critical Care and High Dependency Unit” in Agha Khan University Karachi (AKU)
18th to 19th November 2020
Weekly education activities on following topics till now 1. Septic shock
2. Pre- ecclempsia
3. EVD
4. Ventilator setting
5. Blood gases
6. Shock able rhythm
7. Vasopressor therapy
8. Brain death criteria
9. Tetanus
10. Nutrition in ICU patients

Research Activities:

Prevalence of Acinetobacter bacteremia treatment challenges and outcome in Surgical-ICU HMC Pesahwar


Dr. Raza Ullah - Assistant Professor and Chairman Allied Medical Departments

Dept: Surgical ICU / Pulmonology
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